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Weavey Studio: How to make macrame car coasters?

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Here are the steps to make macrame car coasters:

Materials needed:

1. 3mm cotton cord (approximately 3-4 yards per coaster)

2. Scissors

3. Ruler

4. Cork mat

5. bobby pin / big eye needle

6. sewing pins

Cord Length:

(this is just an example, and you don't need to cut them all at first, you will need to cut 1 and 2 first.)

1. 139.7cm/55 inches x1

2. 66.04cm/26 inches x4

3. 58.42cm/23inches x1

4. 53.34cm/21 inches x2

5. 40.64cm/16 inches x5

6. 17.78cm/7 inches x3


Step1: Cut 4 pieces of cord, each measuring 66.04cm / 26inches in length, and cur 1 pieces of cord in 139.7cm /55inches in length.

Step2:Measure one side to be 34 cm, and use lark knot to hang on the 4 pieces of cord and flip to the back.

You can use the sewing pin the hold the cords onto the cork mat.

Step3: Keep making half hitch cord, each cord need to do 2 times.

TIPS: If you started to see gaps between cords, you will need to cut new cords and use reverse lark knot to add on it. That's why we don't recommend you cut add the cord at first.

Step4:Continue this pattern of double knots until the coaster is the desired size. (Note: A typical car coaster is approximately 2.5-3 inches in diameter.)

Step 5: Use the big eye needle or bobby pin to hide the cord at the back.

Step 6: Trim and brush the car coasters


Your macrame car coaster is now complete! Repeat these steps to make additional coasters as desired.


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