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How to Make Punch Needle Coasters? Easy to follow suitable for craft Beginner

Step1: Prepare your frame

Here I am using a basic square wooden frame that I built using timber and screws purchased from a DIY shop (This should cost no more than $8 and will be reusable for future projects.) You can customise your frame to the size you feel would suit you best. I am using a 30cm x 30cm frame for this project. Ensure that you stretch your fabric so that it is taut and secure with your drawing pins. Don't worry if you do not have a frame, an embroidery hoop will work as a good alternative.

Step2: Creating your Design

Open Cricut Design space and select new project. Open up the shape tab and select two squares: One (10.5cm x 10.5cm) and another (9cm x 9cm) as well as one star (H 6.77cm x W 7.12cm). Layer the smaller square on top of the larger square in the centre to create a border. In the centre of the smaller square place the star shape. Once happy with the arrangement, drag and click to highlight all three shapes and select attach. (Please ensure that all shapes are set to the cut setting prior to attaching.)

Step3: Cutting your stencil

You will need your Cricut Stencil Vinyl and a Cricut cutting mat (included with your machine.) Apply a sheet of the vinyl to your mat and load the machine. In Cricut design space select the Make It option. When the option appears on screen, you will want to change the material to Premium Vinyl and then select cut.

Step4: Drawing out your template

Once your stencil has been cut, you will want to remove the stencil from the mat and place upon the fabric. I would advise placing the larger square onto the fabric first, then draw around the outer square and inner square with your marker pen. Remove the first part of the stencil, then line up the smaller square and place onto the fabric and trace the outlines of the star with your marker pen.

Step 5: Peparing your punch needle

Next you will need to thread your punch needle. Firstly, feed the threader through the tip of the needle until it reaches the top. Then open up the threader and place your chosen wool through the centre. You then need to pull your threader back through the needle and finally pull the threader and wool through the eye of the needle. Remove the threader once the needle has been threaded.

Step6: Making your punch needle design

I would advise starting with the star in the centre. A handy tip when you begin punch needling is to always ensure that the eye of the needle is facing towards you, whilst you punch away from yourself; this will prevent the wool from pulling out of the fabric. Initially you will want to follow the outline you created with your marker pen and work towards to centre. Try not to pull your needle too far out of the fabric, otherwise it will not create the desired loop effect. Once you have completed your star, re-thread your punch needle with a contrasting wool colour and move onto the outer square and repeat the process with the border. Repeat this process three times until you have a 'set' of four coasters.

Step7: Securing the wool threads

Once you have finished with your punch needle and have created your four coasters you will need to secure the back of them with a layer of PVA craft glue on the back (NOT the looped side.) I would strongly advise completing this stage whilst the fabric is attached to your frame to prevent warping. Apply a generous coat of glue with a paintbrush and allow to dry until hardened.

Step8: Assembling your coasters

Once the glue has dried, remove the fabric from your frame. Trim around the edges of each coaster leaving a good 2/3cm border at each side. You will then want to cut a small square at each corner. You will then want to use your glue gun to fold down and secure the boarders to the back of each coaster.

Step9: Finishing touches

As a final finishing touch, you can add a piece of felt as a backing material. Measure around the edge of each coaster onto a piece of felt of your choice and cut around the edges. Secure the felt onto the back of your coaster using your glue gun (you can also sew the felt backing onto the coaster using a whip stitch if you prefer.)

Voila! You now have a beautiful set of brightly coloured punch needle coasters, guaranteed to bring a pop of colour to your room

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