How to make Macrame Baby Pacifier Clip?

Supplies Needed:

- Metal Soother clip / Pacific clip with a 25mm-30mm attached ring (hooked ends will not work with this particular tutorial)

- 4 strands of Macrame measured to 170cm long

- Sharp scissors

Optional Supplies:

- Clipboard

- Metal paper clip

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1. Measure out your Macrame and cut 4 strands, 170cm long.

2. Fold your macrame in half. At the halfway point, loop your strands onto your soother clip ring using a Hitch Knot. A Hitch Knot is simply pushing your loop through the middle of the soother clip ring, and threading the long ends back through the loop on the other side of the clip ring. Repeat this 4 times until all your strands are on the ring together.

3. Snug your knots up to the ring and make sure the knots are pushed close together on the ring. Straighten out your strings.

4. If using a clipboard and paper clip to help keep your strands straight, simply hold the soother clip in the board clip. Take your two outside strands and push them off to the sides. Taking your paper clip, clip down the remaining four middle strands to the bottom of the clipboard. This will help you keep your strings taught while you do your knots.

If you don't have those tools, you can just use the tape to hold it on the table.

5. Put the green cord on the orange cord

6. Put the orange cord onto the pink cord

7. Put the white cord onto the the green cord

8. Put the pink cord onto the white cord

Keep doing the some things until pacifier clip length

9. Finish your design with a wrapping knot. To make this knot, find a the longest remaining cord from the whole pacifier clip. Make a loop down alongside your extra strands about 3” long. Bring it back up towards the bottom of your Half Square Knot design and leave a small loop at the top. Bring this working end back down.

The point that you begin wrapping will be the bottom of your knot, so place it in the spot that you’re happy. Your Wrapping Knot should be at least 1” long to ensure the strings are properly tied off.

11. Wrap upwards, maintaining a very tight tension until you reach the bottom of your macrame knots, without covering up the small loop. Take the working end and pass it through the little loop left at the top.

12. Holding your Gather Knot securely in one hand, begin to pull down on your long loop left out at the bottom with your other hand. One side of this loop will start to close the small loop at the top of your Gather Knot and slowly pull it into the wrapped portion, creating a small tie inside the Gather Knot. Once you can no longer see the knot, you’ve pulled far enough! You’ll be able to see where this knot is because of a slight bulge in your Gather Knot.

13. Take your looped end and simply secure a loop knot at the base. This extra knot will keep your soother clip from unraveling if it was pulled aggressively.

14. Trim up your loose ends to how you prefer them. You can either keep them out or trim them back, whatever you prefer! You can also choose to brush out your ends if you like the tassel ends to be fluffy looking!

15. Attach your favourite pacifier by looping the end onto the handle of a pacifier.

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