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How I make Y2K TikTok Trending phone charms?

Watch the tutorial:

DIY Custom Phone Charms

Who here has noticed the new crazy trend of phone charms going around? They are all over TikTok and YouTube right now. They are super fun to make and SO EASY!

I will warn you though, if you are not a crafter, it will cost around 10 to 15 dollars to buy all of the stuff to make them which isn’t bad at all. It costs about that much to buy one already made.

However, when you buy the supplies to make your own phone charm strap you’ll be able to make a lot of phone charms. If you buy a huge bag of beads it becomes the perfect craft to make for friends and family.

A trendy phone charm is a small accessory that can add a pop of personality and style to your phone. These charms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, from glittery gems to fluffy pom-poms to sleek metal designs. They often attach to the phone case or audio jack and can be easily swapped out to match your mood or outfit. Popular among young people, trendy phone charms can be a fun way to express your individuality and add a touch of whimsy to your tech accessories.

Things You May Need For DIY Phone Charms

  • Beads

  • Thread (many different options)

  • Scissors

  • Super glue (optional)

  • Lobster Clasp Cords (optional)

How to Make a Bead Charm for Your Phone?

Before I get started I just wanted to remind you that you may find an easier way to do several of the steps. You do you! If you know that something has worked before with you, please do that. I’m just telling you what worked easiest for me after trying several different options.

Step 1 – I like to cut a really long piece of thread or cording waaaaaaaay longer then I actually need so I have space for mess ups and for tying it at the end. Then I tape down one side to the table or counter you are working on. This helps so that the beads don’t fall off or you drop it and beads fly all over the floor.

Step 2 – Next, you want to start creating your pattern, unless you aren’t using a pattern, then just start stringing beads until you get it the length you want.

This really just depends on you. Some want it to look like a bracelet and keep it smaller. Others like to make it really long. Do whatever you want. This is your phone charm.

Step 3 – There are two ways of completely these when you are done stringing beads.

The first one is simple but it requires buying more supplies. I bought some lobster clasp cords from amazon. These make the whole thing look more professional.

Just tie off your cording and then clasp the lobster clasp on. That’s it! I like to use either some kind of glue or clear nail polish to kind of seal over my knot and keep it for coming undone.

Option two

is for those who don’t want the extra cost. I measured my finished charm to be a little bit loose on my wrist. Next, I leave about 7 inches of cording and then cut off the extra. Then you want to peel up the tape and push the beads to the middle of the cording making it so there is about a two to 3 inch piece of cording on BOTH ends of the bracelet. Tie a knot at the very end.

After the knot is on the end you will notice a huge amount of cording. Don’t worry! Now we are going to take both sides of the cording and proceed to tie another knot but before pulling it tight, you want to push it towards your beads. Once it is right above your beads pull it tight. This creates the loop up top like the lobster claw. This is the part you will use to attach to you phone.

How to put your charm on your phone

Lace the end of the charm through the case hole. Then lace the end through the loop at the other end and pull until tight. Check out the photos below cuz they make more sense.

If you do not have a lobster claw cord, and your charm has a knot at the end, the good news is that that you can tuck the knot into the inside of the case and you won’t see it.

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