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How to make Macrame Mermaid Tail Keychain // PDF tutorial + Video Tutorial

Do you lose your keys in your purse all the time? Or maybe you need an extra set of hands when you’re trying to carry ALL the bags in from the grocery store?

These babies are here to the rescue! Keys will be so much easier to find in that giant tote of yours. It’s not just for keys; you can use them for a clutch (tutorial on its way) or your id/badge, etc.

You can adjust the length and create lanyards as well for your badge, keys, mask and so on.

The knots used in this keychain are the larks head knot, diagonal double half hitch, and the wrapping knot. They’re all pretty easy, although the diagonal double half hitch can take a little practice to get just right. This is a great way to practice it!


1. Macrame Cord (3mm/4mm) x3 pcs

2. D-ring / Lobster claw key chain

3. Scissors

4. Clipboard

There are two knots you need to know

1. larks head knot

2. diagonal double half hitch

3. the wrapping knot

Cord Lengths:

170cm x 3 pcs

This will make a wristlet about 15cm macrame twisted wristlet.

Share your work with me on Instagram using hashtag #weaveystudio

Let's make a twisted wristlet

Step 1:

Attach the cords to the keychain clasp

First you need to attach your three 170cm cords to the keychain clasp (D-ring) by folding them in half and using larks head knots to secure them.

Then, clamp the clasp down to your macrame clipboard or cork board and it’s time to start knotting!

Step 2:

Tie diagonal double half hitch knots

The majority of this keychain is made with diagonal double half hitch knots.

Start on the left and make two diagonal double half hitch knots going down and to the right.

Then on the right, make three diagonal double half hitch knots going down and to the left.

This will form a nice V shape. Continue this process for seven more rows (there will be eight all together).

For the eighth row, starting on the left you’ll do the one diagonal double half hitch down and to the right, then you’ll hold both the filler cord AND the working cord from the first knot together and tie the second diagonal double half hitch over them both (down and to the right).

Then switch over to the right side and do the same process. The first diagonal double half hitch down and to the left will be normal. For the second knot, you’ll hold the filler cord and the working cord from the first knot together and tie the knot over them.

Step 3:

Finish with a wrapping knot

Now it’s time to tie the wrapping knot at the bottom. Cut the longest remaining cord or cut a 35 cm cords and hold it against the ends in a U shape (like the first picture above.)

Then begin wrapping firmly right under the last row of double half hitch knots. Wrap around four times.

Thread the end of the cord you’ve been wrapping with through the loop underneath the wraps (the bottom of the U you made earlier).

Then pull the short cord sticking out of the top of the wraps until the loop slides up under the wraps about halfway. Don’t accidentally pull it out of the top!

Trim the two ends of the wrapping knot and push them up under the wraps.

Step 4:

Cut fringe, brush, cut, brush (optional)

Now for the fun part! Cut the fringe. There are mutipal optional for cutting th fringe. You can cut the bottom in a straight line or in an inverted V shape (like a fish tail, or a mermaid tail in this case).

Grab your macrame fringe/pet brush and brush it out really well. (Optional process).

Once it’s brushed out, trim it again back into the upside down V shape.


DIY Kits

Are you stuck in quarantine or self-isolation? Are the kids home on school holidays, bored and driving you batty?!? Well you have come to the right place! You can DIY most of my macrame creations in the comfort of your own home. This DIY kits come with all the supplies required.

This kit is a great inexpensive way to try macramé! You don't have to prepare any materials as we have prepared for you!

Happy Knotting!

Share your work with me on Instagram using hashtag #weaveystudio


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