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How to make macrame feather earrings?

Step1: Gather your materials: You will need cords, scissors, earring hooks, and a comb. Choose cords that are soft and pliable, such as cotton or hemp.

Step2: Cut your cords: Cut four equal lengths of cord, each about twice the length you want your finished earring to be.

Fold the cords in half: Take all four cords and fold them in half so that the ends meet.

Step3: Tie a knot: Tie a knot at the folded end of the cords to create a loop. This loop will be where the earring hook will be attached.

Step4: Separate the cords: Separate the cords into two groups of four. Each group will be one side of the feather.

Step5: Start knotting: Take one cord from the left group and tie a square knot around two cords from the right group.

Repeat with the remaining cords from the left group until you have a row of knots.

Step6: Create the feather shape: Continue knotting rows of square knots, making each row slightly shorter than the previous row. This will create the shape of the feather.

Step7: Trim the excess cords: Once you have reached the desired length for your feather, trim the excess cords.

Step8Comb the cords: Use a comb to comb out the cords and give them a feathery appearance.

Step9: Attach the earring hook: Attach the earring hook to the loop at the top of the earring.

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