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How to make Macrame Diamond Pattern Lanyard or Camera Strap// PDF tutorial + Video Tutorial

Lanyards are commonly used to display badges, tickets or ID cards for identification where security is required, such as businesses, corporations, hospitals, prisons, conventions, trade fairs, and backstage passes used in the entertainment industry.

Lanyards for Staff Badges and Employee ID Cards:

While one of the most common uses for lanyards is to keep conference badges handy when attending events like trade shows, lanyards are used daily in many industries for staff badges and ID cards or with another specific purpose in mind.

Complete your camera kit with a camera strap:

A good camera strap is an essential part of every camera kit. When you’re taking your favourite camera everywhere with you to capture your most precious memories, you need a sturdy camera strap that you can rely on, and that will allow you to whip out your sensitive and expensive camera at a moment’s notice without being afraid of damaging it.

The knots used in this keychain are the larks head knot, square knot, and the wrapping knot. They’re all pretty easy, although the diagonal double half hitch can take a little practice to get just right. This is a great way to practice it!


1. Macrame Cord (3mm/4mm) x3 pcs

2. D-ring / Lobster claw key chain x2 pcs

3. Glue (Optional)

4. Scissors

5. Clipboard

6. Rubber Bands x6 pcs

There are three knots you need to know:

1. half square knot

2. Larks Head Knot

3. Square Knot

Cord Lengths:

1100cm x 3 pc

This will make a wristlet about 120cm macrame diamond pattern lanyard

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Let's make a diamond pattern lanyard

Step 1:

Use the Larks Head Knot to attach the 1100cm to the D-ring.

Use rubber bands to tie 6 cotton balls

Step 2:

Tie left diagonal double half hitch knots - Start in the middle

The majority of this keychain is made with left and right diagonal double half hitch knots.

Start in the middle and make the right diagonal double half hitch knots

This will form a nice opposite V shape.

Step 3: Make Square knot

Start with four cords, Bring the right cord over and to the left of the two anchor cords. Place the left cord over the right cord. Bring the left cord under the anchors and through the loop formed by the right cord. Pull and you have the first half of the Square Knot.

Bring the left cord over and to the right of the two anchor cords and place the right cord over it. Bring the right cord under the anchors and through the loop formed by the left cord. Pull the cords and you have the finished Square Knot.

Step 4:

Tie diagonal double half hitch knots

Start on the right and make two diagonal double half hitch knots going down and to the left

Then on the left, make diagonal double half hitch knots going down and to the right.

This will form a nice V shape

You have done your first diamond pattern

Step 5: Use the diamond pattern to finish the lanyard

Reference: I made 35 pieces diamond pattern

Step 6: Cut the remaining cords

Put it on the D ring

Step 7: Put on the glue and clamp it firmly

Step 8: After a few minute, take off the sealing clip and do a wrapping knot on it.

Take a 30 cm cord and fold one end with about 6cm of cord with the loop lined up.

Step 9:

Hold the loop cord along with the project with and start project ends and start wrapping with the longer side of the cord. Wrap from top down, leaving a short cord end.

Step 10:

Pull the cord that is on the top of the project and as you pull, the loop end will get smaller. Pull the wrapped cord end for a clean finish. Hide the knot inside instead of pull it all out.