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How to glue a 4 layers Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging?

A Step-By-Step Guide To That Macramé Rainbow Ornament You've Always Wanted To Make

Let’s start with the video tutorial so you get an overview on what I did. Then, I’ll dive in with more details below:

Are you stuck in quarantine or self-isolation? Are the kids home on school holidays, bored and driving you batty?!? Well you have come to the right place! You can DIY most of my macrame creations in the comfort of your own home. This DIY kits come with all the supplies required (macrame cords, bead, hanging cord, metal needle and threads).

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- 4ply Macrame Rope (You can use other thicknesses however this is great for a sturdy full finish)

- 3mm Coloured Twisted Cotton Cord

- Scissors

- A large eye needle / yarn needle / bobby pin, thick enough to thread the chunky yarn through

- a hot glur gun

- a yarn needle / a big eye needle

- Comb

Step 1:

Prepare your fibre materials.


Lay it flat to form the shape of a rainbow prior to cutting to avoid waste.

Once you have your shape, cut into x3 pieces.

We will use the following lengths from outside to inside curve in our rainbow.


- 18cm

- 22cm


3mm Coloured Twisted Cotton Cord

This yarn will wrap around you rope to create a textured effect.

We will use the following lengths from outside to inside curve in our rainbow.

- 100cm

- 150cm

- 210cm

- 250cm

You can use any yarn here, if it is thinner than shown you will need to add additional length, if doing so, its advised to work straight from the ball and not snip your lengths.

Fibre Material









Cotton Cords