Different Ways of making

yarn pompom

Do you like Pompom? Pom-poms add a fun pop of color and texture to knitting projects and other fun crafts. They're easy to make and you don't need any special tools or supplies.  

Making your own pom-poms is helpful because you can match the yarn to your project. It's also a good way to use leftover yardage. You can, for example, customize a simple knit hat with a large pom-pom topper or add a row of smaller pom-poms to the ends of a scarf. When you really want to get pom-crazy, make a whole bunch to create a colorful wreath. Wherever you use them, these fluffy accessories add fun!

There are 2 methods that I will provide you today!

Method 1

 Equipment / Tools 

1. Cardboard

2. Pen

3. Scissors

4. Circular items to trace (small glass, lids, etc.)


01 Make Cardboard Pom-Pom Templates

     Use the lids and other round items to trace circles onto the cardboard. Trace a larger       circle witha smaller inside. The larger circle determines the diameter of your finished       pom-pom.

     By making a few sizes of templated, you can make several sizes of pom-poms.

02 Cut out the circles

     Cut out around the larger circles. (Don't use your good sewing scissors for this!)             Next, cut a slit to get to the center circle and cut away the center. You may want to

     widen the slit a tiny amount, to make it easier to pass yarn through.


03 Starts Wrapping Yarn Around the Template

     Begin wrapping yarn around the cardboard ring. Hold the end of the yarn in       place while you wrap over the end, which secures it. Work your way around       the entire ring, filling in all the gaps.


     You can work the wrapping near the slit in the ring, but make sure it doesn't         get so close that it might slip off the ends of the cardboard.


04 Wrap the Yarn Until the Ring Is Full

    Wrap the cardboard ring until it is full and then wrap it some more. To create a full        and round pom-pom, you should wrap the yarn so the ring is very plump and the

    center circle is nearly filled in. If you want a loose and floppy pom-pom, you can

    stop wrapping sooner.

05 Cut Around the Edge of the Ring

     Trim the wrapping yarn, then start snipping through the wrapped yarn all along the       edge of the ring. Be sure to cut through every strand of yarn. Sharp scissors with a

     small point make this part easier. As you cut the yarn, be careful not to let the cut

     pieces push to one side or come out through the opening.

06 Tie the Cut Yarn Pieces Together

    When all the edges are snipped, cut a length of yarn and tie it around the middle of      the pom-pom, close to the cardboard ring. Tie the yarn once, then wrap the ends            around to the other side and tie a double knot.

    Pull the yarn as tight as you can, without breaking the yarn. Leave the ends long.

    Remove the cardboard template.

07 Shape the Pom-Pom

    At this point, your pom-pom probably looks a little odd and misshapen. To fix this,          trim the yarn to even out the shape. It's a bit like giving the pom-pom a haircut!

    Hold onto the long yarn ties and work all around the pom-pom. Keep turning it as

    you trim so it doesn't end up lopsided.

08 Fluff the Pom-Pom and Finish Trimming

     When the pom-pom looks like it's almost done, gently roll it in your hands. This fluffs

     the pom-pom and reveals any areas that may need a little more trimming.


     Trim and repeat as needed.


     Use the long yarn ties to attach your pom-pom to your project.


    If you're making more than one pom-pom for a project, for example, to attach to the       corners of a pillow or an afghan, be sure to compare all the pom-poms so the size         matches.


1. Yarn

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